Saturday, February 28, 2015

Are You Afraid of Doorways? DAILY INSPIRATION 2/28

I had a dog once who was afraid to walk through doorways. I could not help but think something awful had happened to her as she walked through doorways. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe she was just afraid of them. Perhaps she had been severely punished for going to the bathroom indoors rather than outdoors and then was shoved out the door. Or perhaps she was punished for trying to come inside. I have fallen short enough through the years with the dogs, not to mention with people, to understand the repercussions of not treating others - whether dogs or people - with love. I thank God for repentance and for His mercy. I have also been on the receiving end of mistreatment enough times to know the ramifications of the sometimes long-term effects of not receiving love and nurture. Only God knows what happened to the dogs I have had that have been afraid of walking through doorways. But laying aside the cause of being afraid of doorways, and setting the dogs to the side, I believe countless humans are afraid to walk through not just any doorways, but the most important doorways of all.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

A Blind Man, the Subway, and a Lesson for Us All - Daily Inspiration 2/27

When I heard the true and indescribably poignant story of a young man who went blind whose friend told him he shouldn't feel sorry for himself but instead should get on with his life and pushed him to ride his city's subway system by himself without the ability to see, I was moved beyond measure by what transpired and knew instantly what God was trying to show me as I heard the story.

photo in background found on Internet with no known attribution.
If you are the photographer, please contact Walk by Faith Ministry
so I can give you attribution or remove the photo if you prefer. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Stood in the Shadow - DAILY INSPIRATION

I stood in the shadow and could not reach the light all round me. I shivered in the cool of standing away from the sunshine. I was down. Discouraged. Frustrated with why I kept falling into the same sin. Wondering why I could not break free - not even close. Then I saw the light. Literally. I saw the Light. I heard the Lord speak into my heart. Repent. I thought I had repented of all I had done wrong again; I had not. For I was believing Satan's lies again, and my belief in his lies was the root of the sin I could not break free from. I had chased his lies into the shadow. The wrong shadow. For there is a shadow that creates no darkness at all. It is the shadow of the wings of the Lord - the shadow where God's heart beckons us. The shadow of His light. The refuge of His presence. I repented for the lies I had believed again. And immediately I came free from the wrong shadow and was catapulted into God's eternal light. His ever love. His amazing mercy. His beautiful heart. His awesome ways. Once more, I found myself not hunkered down on the ground wrapped in a shroud of my sin. I found myself walking - in the Light of the world. The Light of Christ.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Are You Doing with Your Dirty Laundry? - Daily Inspiration 2/24

If your washing machine has ever broken and you have made the awful mistake as I did of dumping the sopping clothes into a laundry basket and waiting a few days until you got your washer fixed to properly clean the soiled load, you will undoubtedly learn the stinking lesson I did. Don't do it again. I had to wash the same load over and again to get the stink out. I am reminded of a young woman who rented a room from me who excitedly decided in what was her first experience living away from home to try using a clothesline. A few rainy episodes later, she resorted to the dryer. Perhaps she gave up too soon, but thankfully washers and dryers have long since replaced the old fashioned days of laboriously washing clothes by hand. There is something to be said, however, for the clean, fresh air-dried smell of clothes hung out on the clothesline. Isn't it something how much of America has come up with rules and regulations to forbid freshly cleaned clothes from hanging on clotheslines in people's back yards? It as though we have a great investment in hiding our dirty clothes from the world and in pretending we don't ever need to clean and dry them. But isn't that what so many of us do with our hearts and lives, come to think of it?

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One of the greatest blessings I have found in my walk with the Lord, as hard and painful as it certainly can be at times, is in realizing and believing and acting upon the Truth that God wants us to bring our filthy sin to Him in true remorse and confession so He can wash us clean with His love and forgiveness. But the blessing doesn't end there. God wants us to bring our dirty lives to others (James 5:16), too, so they can love, encourage, and pray for us, and help us wash our lives in the cleansing power of God's Word.

I have at times as I have recently again found myself so soiled in sin that I have so desperately wanted to be free from that I have felt like that sopping, stinking load of laundry I had to pull out of the washer and foolishly dumped in the laundry basket until it was just about ruined. But rather than leave the mess in the basket, I have remembered God's grace and mercy and shamefacedly, remorsefully, carried my heavy load of wrongdoing to Him. And I have as the Lord has led me shared my basket with others, thankful for their love, encouragement, and prayers. I have been tempted like others to dump the clean laundry in my dryer where nobody can see, but have decided despite the rules and regulations of this world to hang my freshly cleaned heart and life thanks to God's forgiveness on a clothesline for all to see. Sure, I like the benefits of my air-dried life. But perhaps most importantly, I believe we need to stand together and remind one another that we ALL fall short of God's glory (Romans 3:23) - and that it is only through faith in Christ and His shed blood on the cross that we are wonderfully forgiven and can enjoy the delightful breeze and soaking sun that rests upon our hearts and lives because of God alone.

If you've been hiding your sin in the closet in a basket of stinking, soiled, laundry, repent of it and come into the light where God can wash you clean. 

Eph 5:26  That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, 

Eph 5:27  That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. 

1Co_6:11  And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. 

Heb_10:22  Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. 

Rev_1:5  And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Victory in Your Battles - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/23

Just when I was on the verge of being devoured once again by the devil, not to mention totally unable to see that he was behind the fierce struggle in which I was engaged, God took me scuba diving into a much deeper study of four verses I had studied countless times before. This time, I rose back up to the surface with a precious pearl of wisdom I knew would help me secure the victory I needed and desired.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Falling Upwards - Daily Inspiration 2/20

Which way do you face when you fall? Maybe an unusual question, but your answer might just help you determine if you're headed in the right direction. I used to spend most of my time when I fell facing downward. Discouraged, depressed, disgruntled, down, full of self-condemnation and harsh judgment of myself. I can still easily fall prey to this. In fact, I have been falling a lot recently into one particular sin I desperately desire to be free from. But I find I am learning to face upwards when I fall far more than downwards these days. Do you know what I mean?

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

HELP WANTED: 100% Proceeds Benefit Those in Need

As my fifth book, PIECES FROM MY HEART: Inspiration from Lara Love's almost Daily Inspiration, joins the ranks of my just released THE HOMELESS DREAM book and my previous three books, I am putting out a plea for HELP WANTED in purchasing the books and in helping to get the word out there.

I do not at this time do any traditional marketing, promotion, and publicity for my books, and am trusting the Lord will get them along with my online almost Daily Inspiration and monthly WALK BY FAITH DEVOTIONAL into the hands and hearts of those He desires.

All proceeds from the books will benefit Walk by Faith Ministry in helping me to fulfill the ministry's mission to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord's love to a world in need - including to people in dire need as well as caring for the ministry's 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs. I would be very grateful for your help in getting copies for yourselves, for others you know, and in telling others about the books.

Please CLICK HERE to see all five books and to purchase them. You can also choose to contact me at 843-338-2219 or at CLICK HERE to order multiple copies or to bypass and to order directly from Walk by Faith Ministry. Thank you & God bless you!

IS GOD SPEAKING TO YOU? Daily Inspiration 2/19

I have yet to understand why some people do not believe God speaks to His children. For starters, given the Bible is God's inspired and authoritative Word for humanity, how can we doubt God speaks to us? Secondly, given we are adopted into God's family and become His children when we repent and believe Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, how can we doubt God would speak to His very own children? Third, given the Bible is chock full from beginning to end of God speaking to people, why would He stop? Fourth, why would the Bible say that the sheep of the Lord hear His voice if the Lord does not speak to us? Oh, and how I could go on and on. But in my estimate, the issue really isn't whether or not the Lord speaks to His children; it is entirely obvious He does. The question should be, I believe, why don't we listen?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

THE ULTIMATE LIST - Daily Inspiration 2/18

My mom is the ultimate list maker. She has been for as long as I can remember. Lists for this and lists for that. Lists for herself and lists for my dad and the kids when we were young. Lists for school, trips, events, anything and everything. She is not alone. Loads of people keep TO DO lists, don't they? Ever striving to check stuff off the lists, list makers look to their lists to remember their goals and to work to meet them. How many of us, however, have TO BE lists in addition to, or instead of, TO DO lists? I recently stumbled upon a TO BE list in the Bible that to me is the ultimate list for those who have repented and place their trust in Christ as Lord.

Long-suffering (patience)
Temperance (self-control)

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Paralyzed dogs Miss Mercy and Mr. Simeon have kept me on my toes recently, what with three-year-old Miss Mercy almost dying a few weeks ago and needing to undergo exceedingly expensive life-saving surgery and surviving only by the grace of God, and now Mr. Simeon with crystals in his urine and a possible stone along with both of them needing medications, diaper changes and all that goes with it, and a special diet for both of them. They are both headed back to the vet next week for follow-up testing and care, and prayers & donations would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you & God bless you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

When God Gets in Your Face - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/17

I have been struggling recently. I could be totally vague, but I would rather be entirely real. I have been having a hard time with an unhealthy combo of fear and anger. And as desperately as I desire to please the Lord whom I love beyond measure, I have found myself falling instead of standing, crawling instead of walking, and getting knocked down more times than I care to think about. But God has a way of getting in my face as I relentlessly pursue Him in my dedicated desire to learn how to walk by faith instead of falling constantly into the abyss of sin, and He did just that when I called a friend for prayer. Instead of praying for me, she interrupted me as I started to share a trial with her and told me she had to read something to me she had just read less than an hour before.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Cleaning Out Your Heart & Life - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/16

Years ago, upon the suggestion of someone helping me, I went through my heart, home, and life seeking anything and everything that was displeasing to the Lord - from false gods and false religion to icons, statues, music, books, beliefs, clothes, relationships, whatever, etc. - and repented of it and rid myself of it - even throwing some of it away. My life had been riddled with idols and false gods, and plenty else that displeased the Lord, in many cases without my even knowing it. I had been warned by a woman some time before that God is a jealous God, and that I needed to stay away from certain things and practices, but I had been offended by her and her words and had not considered the Truth she spoke that had come straight from the Lord.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Doggone Amazing Lesson in Obedience - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/14

When I distinctly heard the Lord speak into my heart that I should go ahead with an exceedingly expensive surgery needed to help save three-year-old paralyzed dog Miss Mercy's life, I sat in the small office of a veterinarian I had only just met and told him I needed to go ahead with the surgery for one reason alone. God. I told him that I live for the Lord, and that my obedience to God is more important than anything else. The vet had done everything but tell me flat out to euthanize Miss Mercy, explaining her condition in detail and telling me in no uncertain terms how unlikely it was that she would survive. I called my own long-time vet from his office, and told my vet what I had heard from the Lord in response to my prayer. My own vet's answer was cut and dry - and a directive to which we all need to pay heed.

Miss Meryc's first wheelchair ride after her big surgery
"This is a no-brainer," my vet said as I sat in the emergency and specialty vet hospital. My vet had already heard the diagnosis and prognosis. In the world's eyes, the answer was obvious. Euthanize. But my vet spoke what was more important than anything else. "You answer to God," he essentially said. "Do what He tells you." Wow. In a world increasingly on a tragic move away from God, my vet and I were in total agreement contrary to the world's ways. God comes first. Obedience to Him must take precedence above all else.

Miss Mercy in my bedroom where she's moved in
with paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon and a few others...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Miraculous Update on Paralyzed Dog

Miss Mercy's first miracle was when she survived being hit by a car and was brought to a shelter in rural Georgia, her second miracle was when she escaped what would have been probable euthanization when God brought her to safety under the little wings of Walk by Faith Ministry, her next miracle was when her exceeding pain simply went away, her subsequent miracle was when she survived a surgery a few weeks ago that the surgeon could hardly believe she survived, and her most recent miracle has been a phenomenal recovery from almost dying a few weeks ago at only three years old from a combo of her spleen having split in two when she was hit by the car and one of the spleens almost dying inside her combined with a horrific urinary tract infection, a possible kidney infection, a liver issue, anemia, and being filled with fluid.

photo courtesy of Whitney Boring
taken several months before Mercy almost died
just a few weeks ago.

Monday, February 9, 2015

God's Good Work in You - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/9

     A beautiful friend who passed away but leaves behind a great legacy of love and kindness, of sweetness and her gorgeous, heartwarming smile, used to be a hairdresser. She told me that God working on us is like a hairdresser working on a client. She described how absolutely yucky and smelly and ugly the hair is in the process of having all the salon product stuff creating a gunky mess while the client sits in the chair waiting for the end result. How awful it all looks right in the middle of the process.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Ever Find Yourself Judging Others? - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/6

"When you stand before the Lord to give an account of your life," my beloved Pastor Freddie told me a few years before he crawled into bed one night, shut his eyes to sleep and woke up with the Lord, "you won't be asked to give an account of anyone else. You will have to give an account of your own life." God poured so much wisdom through my dear pastor and father in Christ, and this nugget of wisdom has stuck with me ever since. For with a long-time history of judging others, right in line with how much I was judged by a loved one while I was growing up, I was sinfully, dangerously, and pridefully prone to pointing the finger at others for their shortcomings rather than looking in the mirror and dealing with my own sins and striving to yield my life to the Lord and to His ways.

I believe if we are all fully honest with ourselves, we will find that none of us is totally immune from judging others. From walking down the street and thinking critical thoughts about people who are obese, to bashing loved ones with addictions either to their faces or behind their backs while justifying our judgment by claiming we are just trying to help them, to giving up on friendships because we feel like we shouldn't have to deal with other people's shortfalls, to giving our spouses a hard time because we think they should be further along with making changes in their lives, to reading the newspaper and watching the evening news and scoffing at people's foolish acts, to anything and everything, we all find ourselves at one time or another judging others - whether we admit it or not.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Message in the Mail - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/5

I have a friend who told me several years ago when he and his wife started sponsoring Walk by Faith Ministry that he would prefer to send a check in the mail over the most common way people seem to use these days whereby they set up automatic payments via the Internet, and his reason was most unusual - or so I thought. But then the ways of the Lord are so often foreign to our own ways, aren't they? See, my friend wanted to send a check so he could pray each month and send a Bible verse with his check. And the messages in the mail I have received through his heart and handwriting have so often been right on time, such as this one.

senior Speckles who has had a double hernia for years
rests comfortably in her little bed cuddled with Little Miss Miracles
and the Bible verse message in the mail stuck to her bed as a background. . . 
"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:58)."

If you're anything like I am, perhaps you struggle at times with doubting what God has called you to do with your life because the people, places, and circumstances around you may not always seem to validate that you are on track. How often I have questioned the work to which I am called and even considered quitting because the world around me didn't seem to affirm my work, or the challenges I faced seemed impossible or unbearable, or anything at all. But God doesn't call us to walk by sight (what we see and feel and experience), but to walk by faith in Him (2 Corinthians 5:17). My friend's message in the mail was a wonderful reminder that no matter how foolish it might seem at times for me to press on with my life's calling, my job is to be steadfast and unmovable no matter how things might look, feel, or seem, and to be diligent to continue forth knowing that my work is for His glory.

senior Elijah who has a quite miraculous story
doesn't look too enthusiastic being disturbed from his rest
to act as a background for the message in the mail . . . 
Don't doubt the work to which God has called you. If you are clear you are following His call, carry on. Be strong in Him, seek His face to ensure you are on track, dig deep into His Word for direction and courage, and keep your eyes and heart on the Lord. When you find yourself turning your focus to the world and discover yourself sinking into doubt, repent and return to the Lord and press forward. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What a Remarkable Pastor - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/4

"The pastor at the new church I go to preaches with his Bible in his hand," my friend gushed forth the words as though this were the most remarkable thing. "At the church I used to go to," she explained. "the pastor didn't do that." He preached other things, she told me. What joy I felt knowing my friend had crossed the great divide between a church with false teaching to a church proclaiming God's Truth, but what a sadness I felt also. Because what seemed so remarkable to my friend should not have been remarkable in the least. But why?

Because churches in America are running rampant with false, and deadly, teaching, with countless pastors turning to anything and everything but the Bible. And even those using the Bible are oftentimes tossing all sorts of false teaching into the mix anyway. What joy I felt hearing how my beloved friend had parked herself in the pew at a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church, and the incredible changes in her are just beautiful as she dives deep into God's Word, seeks Him, gets to know Him, and immerses herself in a church body that stands for the Bible in a day and age when so many people are doing everything but. But how sad I feel knowing how many people are teaching falsely, and how many people are being deceived by false teaching.

photo courtesy of
This photo is not of the pastor mentioned in this writing. 

Praise Report on Lara's Five Books

If this isn't a praise, I don't know what it is. By God's grace alone, this week I will be releasing my fifth book, PIECES FROM MY HEART: Selections from Lara Love's almost Daily Inspiration. The book joins my first four, SLOW DANCE WITH JESUS: Inspiration for Intimacy with God, SIMPLE JOY: A Shabby Chick Christian's Inspiration for a Joy-FULL Life, THE GREATEST LESSON OF ALL: Answering God's Call, and THE HOMELESS DREAM: A Little Story with a Big Message. 

Books are available at or by clicking on the LARA'S BOOKS tab above.
All proceeds from my books go directly to Walk by Faith Ministry, a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is sharing the Gospel while ministering the Lord's love to a world in need. I do a combo of evangelism, preaching, teaching the Bible, streets and beach ministry, writing and publishing, mentoring, and providing sanctuary-style care to 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Does Your Life Ever Seem Like a Barren Tree? DAILY INSPIRATION 2/3

My calling looked like a tree in winter. Lifeless. Serene. Fruitless. Leaves-less. Barren. Looking like it would never amount to anything. Like its best days were over. I had no preaching opportunities. No inspiration to write. Nobody in particular to minister to. No word from others in ministry I had excitedly thought I would walk alongside at least for a season. So I thought of calling it quits, especially with my writing. Maybe I was done, I considered. I could take the tree that was my calling down with an ax, with one big sullen swing after another. Or else.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Love and Fruit, a Step at a Time - DAILY INSPIRATION 2/2

Php 1:9  And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; 
Php 1:10  That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ; 
Php 1:11  Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God. 

How astonished I was to hear myself telling a friend that I like the changes God has been effecting in me. Never in a million years did I seriously believe that God could take someone with a heart and life as messed up as mine and do anything significant with me let alone through me. But here I am, looking at someone in the mirror who is being transformed right before my very eyes. Though I fall daily, and though it is not uncommon for me to fall hard, more and more I see in myself the woman of God He created me to be. So I shouldn't have been surprised to stumble upon some Bible verses that to me sum it up in a nutshell.


Paralyzed dog Miss Mercy, dumped in a shelter 2.5 years ago where she surely would have been euthanized after being hit by a car and left paralyzed, was taken under the wings of Walk by Faith Ministry, a 501c3 non-profit organization, where she thorougly enjoyed her new life in her wheelchair and with her 16 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs before requiring life-saving surgery & vet care at the end of January 2015.

It turns out her spleen had split into two when she was hit by a car, forming two spleens, and one of them was in horrific shape and starting to die inside her. This, compounded with a very severe urinary tract infection which is common for paralyzed dogs, and a liver issue, left her literally overnight in a state where she was likely to die.

Mercy in hospital when I went to visit her
By God's grace alone, and thanks to several wonderful vets and vet staff, she is now slowly on the mend. Her vet care so far has cost over $6000, while more vet care will be needed as she recovers.

And while I have never felt led in any way to spend that enormous an amount of money on a dog considering Walk by Faith Ministry's primary mission is to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord's love to a world in need, which includes a combo of evangelism, preaching, teaching the Bible, streets & beach ministry, writing and publishing, mentoring, ministering one-one-one to people in exceeding need, and caring for 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs, and operates on a bare-bones budget, I felt very strongly led by the Lord to go forth with the surgery despite the vet's concerns and to trust God regarding her surgery, the funding, and what He will do through all this.

When Mercy came home from the hospital, she crawled off the bed I set up for her
so she could snuggle up with paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon
I have had a strong sense all along that as with every aspect of Walk by Faith Ministry, Miss Mercy's medical needs and care isn't ultimately about a dog - no matter how much I love this precious dog. It's about the Lord, and I can only hope, trust, pray, and believe He will bring glory to His name through all this.

Amazing how God brought these two paralyzed dogs
and 15 other mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs into my life.
He knew before He even sent these two to me what a bond they would form . . . 
As I see on an ongoing basis, as I ever aspire to bring Him glory by learning to humble myself and loving and serving the Lord and ministering to those in need, every opportunity I have - whether it be caring for paralyzed and other special needs and senior rescued dogs, helping a homeless person, praying for a rape survivor, writing a new book, encouraging someone in the Lord on the beach, whatever it is - is an opportunity to help to tell the world about the glory of the Lord. Even as I rush around to vets' offices, or shop for ministry supplies, or walk the beach with the wheelchair dogs, or chat with homeless friends in a nearby city, wherever I go, whatever I am doing, no matter what the reason might appear on the surface for me to be there, I seek with my heart and eyes to look for opportunities to help the world around me by sharing the Gospel and helping people to live their lives for the Lord.

Standing in faith that one of these days if it's the Lord's will
Miss Mercy will be back on her mission with me to do beach ministry
to tell the world about the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Don't Take Mercy for Granted / DAILY INSPIRATION 1/30

Mercy is not something I can afford to take for granted. I should have an IV of mercy hooked up to me, I need God's mercy so often. I have fallen so hard, so often, despite how desperately I want to love and serve and please the Lord, that I wonder sometimes why God hasn't given up on me. And I wonder how He can entrust me with ministering to people and caring for special needs and senior rescued dogs when I am capable of hurting and harming them in ways unimaginable. And I have done both, which breaks my heart. Yes, I fall.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


My heart breaks to share that 3-year-old paralyzed Mercy, whom vets recommended to euthanize 2.5 years ago after she was hit by a car and left in a rural shelter and who received a miracle from God that resulted in 2.5 years of racing around in a wheelchair, was discovered this past week to have 2 spleens resulting from the car accident with one in horrific condition. Though the vets were doubtful about whether it was worth trying surgery, I heard the Lord speak into my heart to trust Him and do the surgery.

Paralyzed Mr. Simeon rode in his wheelchair into the vet ICU where the staff was kind
enough to allow him to lie down next to his beloved paralyzed Miss Mercy.
Tears came to my eyes as he kept trying to place his paw in her cage -
either to get to her bowl of water, or to her.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Every so often, I am called by God to do something that is so far exceedingly beyond what I feel capable or wanting to do as a human that I am utterly 100% convicted that I can only do it with 100% in the strength and love and mercy and grace of the Lord. Such is the case as I sit right now in an emergency clinic for the 2nd time in three days with paralyzed dog Miss Mercy who is only three years old after being told she needs life-saving surgery and even with that extremely expensive surgery she may or may not live.

Sunday, January 25, 2015



1/26 - URGENT DONATIONS are STILL NEEDED for PARALYZED DOG Miss Mercy. Miss Mercy is currently being hospitalized to treat what appears so far to be an exceedingly severe bladder and kidney infection along with hemolytic anemia. She also has a blood clot. Her veterinarian has her on fluids with a catheter, lots of medication, and will monitor her over the next 24 hours to see if surgery is needed.

So far, the veterinary care will cost a little under $1000. If she needs surgery, I will post an updated needed amount. About $310 has been donated so far. Thank you and God bless you!!!

Please click on the DONATE button to make a donation.

1/25 - Paralyzed dog Miss Mercy spent the afternoon at the emergency vet clinic where they were unable to diagnose her due to the nature and seeming severity of her symptoms. She has had a very sudden onset of symptoms that led the doctor to believe she could have anything from cancer to a paralysis related issue. I do not want to go into details here to avoid upsetting anyone with the specific symptoms. However, suffice it to say I am deeply concerned about her, and prayers and donations would be exceedingly appreciated. I will keep everyone posted, thank you very much!!! I am exhausted due to what's going on and am not at this time setting up a special donation button for her. Please simply contact me click on the DONATE button or contact me at 843-338-2219 to make an over-the-phone donation if you prefer to donate directly to the vet. Thank you & God bless you!!!

photo courtesy of Whitney Boring

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Lies Behind Temptation - DAILY INSPIRATION 1/24

The temptation always seems to innocent - and delicious - at the time, doesn't it? It seems to come with so many promises. Wealth. Power. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. Relief. Euphoria. Escape. Love. And on and on. The voice of temptation speaks to us, telling us we won't suffer; there won't be any negative consequences, and surely we'll get away with it. How deceived we are. For so often we neglect to see what lies behind the temptation. The devil whispers to us about all the good stuff we can have and that will happen to us if we would only say yes to the temptation. Then comes the next sentence.

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Short, Sweet & to the Point. . .. Update on DAILY INSPIRATION

Just wanted to let everyone know that Daily Inspiration and Bible Takeout have now been merged into Daily Inspiration - with a new format. Daily Inspiration will now be short, sweet, & to the point. Still full of love, hope, encouragement, teaching, conviction, challenge, and life-changing Truth from God's Word, the writing will now be short for people on the go. Those who want to go into greater depth are very welcome to request copies of the Walk by Faith Devotional in print and to check out my books at CLICK HERE. I hope you will be blessed. . . !

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Life-Changing Question - DAILY INSPIRATION 1-23-15

"Do you ever ask yourself if what you're doing is pleasing to God?" I asked a loved one. "Do you think about this when you choose a radio station, or turn on the television or read a book, or do anything at all?" My loved one's response was defensive, and I was not surprised. After all, as he confessed a few minutes later, my question was convicting. And so it is - for all of us who will truly consider it.

Do you ever ask yourself if what you're doing is pleasing to God? Now I'm asking you this question. It's a life-changing question, isn't it? How can we call Jesus Lord if we do not treat Him as such? How many of us are picking and choosing what portions of our lives should be submitted to God? If we really believe Jesus is Lord, wouldn't we do our best to submit all of our lives to God, from the big stuff to the little stuff?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Very Big Inspirational Update from LARA LOVE

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let y'all know by God's grace alone, I have now completed publishing THE HOMELESS DREAM book and have just finished up putting together a book of many selections of my online almost Daily Inspiration called PIECES FROM MY HEART which should be available within the next few weeks. That makes 5 books total now for which I give ALL glory to God. You can see my books at LARA'S BOOKS.

In the meantime, I am continuing to write and publish the monthly WALK BY FAITH DEVOTIONAL in print and am about to resume my online almost DAILY INSPIRATION.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Boring of W Photography on Hilton Head Island, SC
On the note of DAILY INSPIRATION, I will no longer be writing BIBLE TAKEOUT. Instead, I am merging both writings into one and embarking on a new endeavor as far as DAILY INSPIRATION is concerned. It will now be short, sweet, to the point, and jam-packed with inspiration, teaching, scriptures, love, faith, hope, encouragement, and as always a challenge to all to give their lives to the Lord and to learn how to follow Him. I believe in my heart the shorter and more direct format will be a better fit for online readers, while I encourage everyone to check out my books and monthly devotional for those who would like to read my inspirational writing and teaching in more depth.

Given all of this is just one piece of my ministry work, which also includes preaching, teaching the Bible, discipleship, streets and beach ministry, and caring for 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs, and that I have no staff or regular volunteers / physical help, I would greatly appreciate your love, prayers, encouragement, and consideration of whether you might be led to help out financially. I continue to dedicate my life 24-7 to the Lord and the work to which He has called me, and I continue to both live personally and to operate the ministry on a bare-bones budget. Your support in any way you might be led to give it is greatly appreciated.

With loads of love,

Lara Love

p.s. Photo is courtesy of Whitney Boring. Please consider checking out her work at W Photography.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Just wanted to let everyone know that by God's grace alone, my first four books are now available for purchase. I hope very much you will check them out and consider purchasing some for you or perhaps as a gift to others.

To learn more about my books, please CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scrubbing Toilets for Jesus - DAILY INSPIRATION

"For the next three hours, I'm going to be scrubbing toilets," my friend told me in her voice mail to me. "And I'm going to be sending you the money [for the ministry]." A former emergency room nurse in the metropolitan D.C. area who had to stop nursing for health reasons, my friend did not have a single trace of self-pity, shame, or complaining in her voice as she shared with me her latest work opportunity. Scrubbing toilets. Do you know what I heard in her voice? Joy. And thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, most assuredly, because she had some work. And joy because of the very reason she would be scrubbing toilets for the next three hours.

Mr. Shnookles does not ordinarily sit on the toilet.
 I placed him there some years ago
when I tried doing some advertising for pet sitting services.
Thankfully, the Lord not only called me into full-time ministry,
but convicted me I need to trust Him 100% for provision rather than
take on anything else...........

What an ASS. . . - BIBLE TAKEOUT

I don't usually talk about asses, but I just can't help myself this time around. Because this particular ass comes with an incredible warning. And the warning isn't for the ass; the warning is for us.

When the prophet Isaiah delivered a warning from God to the people, he told them God had said that even ox and asses know their owners and crib (manger or stall according to the concordance). Yet the people, so full of sin, wickedness, and evil, were in total rebellion against their Father - God.

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Monday, January 12, 2015


Paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon lost his monthly sponsor some time ago, and paralyzed dog Miss Mercy has just lost hers. If you would like to be a monthly sponsor of either or both, please contact me at or at 843-338-2219. Thank you for your consideration, and God bless you!!

Donations, and monthly sponsorship, are also always very welcome for Walk by Faith Ministry as a whole. I live on a bare-bones budget in order to pursue my life's calling, and the ministry operates on a bare-bones budget as well. I do very little traditional fundraising, and most of the time do my best to walk by faith in God for His provision and trust that He will send along loving hearts to help me to fulfill my mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while ministering the Lord's love to a world in need.

I would greatly appreciate your love & prayers........!

Homeless Man with a Message for Me / DAILY INSPIRATION

Dirty. Greasy hair. Scrawny. Waiting. Waiting in line. Waiting for food. Waiting for life to go on as usual. Where to sleep for the night. Where to get the next free meal. Where to get a little bit of conversation in an otherwise lonely life. Where to get a little bit of work. I was utterly thrilled to see him in the long line of homeless and impoverished people waiting. I swooped off into his arms to envelope him in a blissful hug. He is my friend, you see. And not so long ago I had been praying he was still alive. He had been running on empty, as many of the homeless often are. Here he was now, alive. Happy to see me once he saw who had rushed into his arms. Such joy when friends come together. Though I hardly know him but from when we cross paths at a homeless outreach once in a while, when I stuff my latest writing into his hands, he is my homeless friend with a message. A message for me. And maybe for you.

photo from

Saturday, January 10, 2015

She Murdered a Man / DAILY INSPIRATION

The frail disease-ravaged woman sat sprawled before me on the pavement, nonchalantly telling me how she had murdered a man in cold blood. She had already long ago paid society's cost and consequences of murder; her human penalty had been paid. She had been given her court system sentence and done what the penal system had mandated her to do. Some would say her victim deserved what he had gotten considering all that he had done; others might see the situation in a different light, or darkness. This was only the second time in my life I had a face-to -face conversation with someone who told me of a murder she or he had committed. The first time, I had been too young, too immature, and too lost to know what to think, what to feel, how to respond. I had not known the Lord. This time around, I was no longer young. No longer immature. No longer lost. I knew the Lord this time. I knew what to think. I knew what to feel. I knew how to respond. Because quite frankly, I was shocked.

photo in background from

Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Your Life a Sand Castle? / DAILY INSPIRATION

Some years ago, I moved back for a few years to where I had grown up and was astonished to find an incredible amount of what some seemed to laughingly call "McMansions." I didn't find it funny at all, however; it seemed rather tragic to me. For I could not help but picture how many lonely, lost people might fill up a single room or two of these monstrous sized houses. I wondered how many of the houses were filled with one or two people. And I wondered how one person yelling out to another across the great expanses of these houses could even be heard by someone at the other end. Yet it was highly possible the owners of these so-called McMansions had worked tirelessly, endlessly, even for decades, to climb corporate ladders, to achieve great success, to be able to chase down dreams of pleasure and comfort, to be able to turn the key in the front door of one of these dream homes. But then I wonder now, how many of us have done just this - whether or not we have possessed a key to a McMansion?

photo in background courtesy of
How many of us have lived our lives to succeed according to the ways of this world, to prosper according to the world's standards, to build up our bank accounts, to fill up our resumes, to be able to boast how greatly we have achieved our own dreams? How many of us have lived our lives as though they were castles in the sand, pouring our hearts and time and gifts into the things of this world so we can make our castles ever greater, ever grander, ever bigger, ever more noticeable, ever higher, ever taller as they reach ever upward into the sky?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lara Love Has Not Disappeared

For anyone who might wonder if I have disappeared simply because I have not been pouring out my usual almost Daily Inspiration, or Bible Takeout, or been in touch in what perhaps might be my usual manner, do not be alarmed; I have not disappeared. I have not fallen back into the confines of depression, or any number of old places that kept me bound, purposeless and mostly useless in the grand scheme of things. Rather, if it can be imaginable for those who know me, I am more alive than ever before, more on fire for the Lord than ever, more committed and dedicated than I have ever been to the Lord and to the work to which He has called me. So where then have I gone, and what accounts for my quiet when it comes to my usual writing? The answer is simple.

Every ounce of joy I wear on my face and in my heart belongs to the Lord! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Every which way it seems I turn these days, it seems I am watching prescription drugs wreak havoc on human beings. I am literally watching people I know, and hearing stories of others, who are dying from them. They are not only not getting better from the prescription drugs, and they are not only getting worse. The prescription drugs are killing them. And in case you are wondering, I am not speaking of prescription drugs that are being taken according to the prescribed kind and the prescribed amount by reputable, qualified, and honest doctors.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Has God Gone Silent? / DAILY INSPIRATION

There are those who seek the Lord, there are those who do not seek the Lord, and then there are those who seek and seek and seek the Lord - and seek some more. I seek the Lord so much and so often it is a wonder He does not grow tired of me, and yet He never does. But He does seem so silent at times despite my seeking; does He ever seem that way to you?

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According to the Bible, God does speak to believers in Christ. And according to scriptures, God can be found when we seek Him. So why then do we go through dry spells when it seems He simply will not speak? Why does it seem God will not reply? Why do we seek Him sometimes with hungry hearts only to be met with seeming silence?